Online scheduling

organic hair care

why organic?

Did you know that a lot of the chemical salon products in the US are banned in many other countries? This is why Tamera chooses to research the world over for the best non toxic products available for use in her beauty practice.

This means safer, cleaner products for your salon services and take home products.  Tamera primarily uses O-Way (Organic Way) from Italy and O&M from Australia as her product lines in her holistic practice.  She also uses her own holistic lotions and potions to customize many services just for you.

Tamera believes you should never have to sacrifice health for beauty.  She looks forward to pampering you with the most beautiful products in the world.


how do I schedule?

There are 3 ways to schedule with Tamera.

The easiest way would be to schedule an appointment online with Schedulicity.

Click any one of the Schedule Now links. You will be directed to the service menu with detailed information. If you do schedule online you will receive a call or text from Tamera regarding covid19 safety.

You may also call or text Tamera‘s cell anytime at:

Tamera’s Cell